Technology has developed that now the configuration or design that was observed in laptops and now obtained by the individuals in their pocket. Samsung has sent a number of Smartphones that have won a large number of hearts all over the world. It was also in clash with Apple for few patent problems. But, it appears that it become into a positive feature for Samsung as it attained some extra fans or publicity to Samsung.

This time Samsung is ready to release Galaxy S6 in its famous S series of Galaxy. After the release of the S5 in the late April, 2014, the individuals will maintain their eye in the next gadget of the S series.

Its Evolution

Samsung begun Galaxy S series in 2010 and many variants was released in the identical name with various model numbers. The Galaxy S i9000 was the real model or version of this series. Total sales or deals of Galaxy S gadget crossed millions of units. After a great success of Galaxy S, the S2 was released in the year of 2011. The S2 has earned million of units all over the globe. The Galaxy S3 is not at back in the race of marketing. It has crossed the million of units. This displays that Samsung has attained a good reputation in the good books of their customers or users.

Their customers or users are enthusiastically waiting for the latest device in both the popular series by Note series and Galaxy S series. Recently, Samsung released the S4 in the year of 2013. Samsung has marketed a million of units of this gadget over the world.

Be familiar With Its Specifications

If you are a follower or a lover of the Smartphones, you must have observed the gradual changes in the features and specifications of the gadget in the identical series. You can visualize the advancement in the specification of the Galaxy S6 that will be observed in the market in the year of 2015.

Here are some specifications of the S6 that are given below:

  • It will consist of a metallic body that its users always want it.
  • This Smartphone will be consisting of the Android platform. This can’t be said specifically that which version of android it will utilize.
  • According to the rumors, it will contain a processor of 64- bit Octa Core that is better than the processor of the S5.
  • It will consist of a camera of 16-18 mega pixels that has the capability to shoot the video of 4K.
  • This Smartphone will have a length of a display of 5.5 inches.
  • It will be released or launched in two different variants consisting of different inner storage capacity of 128 GB or 64 GB.
  • Its RAM is about 4 GB.
  • It will consist of the protective sensors and measures such as fingerprint that is previously coming in the iPhone 5S.

Its Release Date

As you have observed that the S4 released in April, 2013 and anticipating for the release of the S5 in the month of April or March, 2014. Therefore, the release date of the S6 can be expected in the year of 2015.

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