Smartphone is a device with brilliant design and advanced features than the basic phones. Smartphone is a combination of amazing features like camera, music player, GPS navigation and PDA (personal digital assistant). Now, new versions of smartphones include wi-fi connectivity, a touchscreen and various third-party apps. Today, Mostly 90% of people use smartphones. Smartphones run on Apple iOS and Google based Android Operating system. Smartphones are very useful in today’s world; it can be used for business activities and amazing game play experiences. There are many beasts in the huge world of smartphones. Smartphone’s specifications create huge buzz on websites. However, today, People are very crazy about smartphones. Smartphones are spreading like fire in today’s world. Many people addicted toward smartphones. Mostly, teenagers are crazy about smartphones. Some of the hottest features of smartphones are listed below:

Most Amazing Feature Of Smartphones

1. Apps – Basic phone include a contact list, games, address book etc. Smartphones are more advanced than the basic mobile phone. They include a HD touchscreen (not every but mostly smartphones include HD touchscreen), music player and a camera with LED. There are many third-party apps available on store. People can download apps for music play, camera, photo editing and many more. For business activities there are apps like MS word etc which helps user to to create/view business files. Smartphones contains a GPS app for driving directions, which help users to reach their places with the help of smartphones.

2. Operating system – There are two types of operating system. Smartphones run on an Apple iOS and Google Android.

1. Android – It is a Linux based operating system. Android is designed for touchscreen smartphones. Android is the most popular operating system.
2. iOS – An apple based operating system. Most Popular and fastest operating system in the world. However, it is expensive than the android but people buy it. iOS gives Best gaming and smartphone experience in the world.
3. Windows Phone – One of the smartest operating system. Its user interface is inspired by Microsoft.
4. Bada – Bada operating system comes in Samsung phones. Samsung wave was the first bada phone.
5. Some other Operating System – Firefox operating system, BlackBerry, Sailfish, Palm, Symbian, Tizen and many more.

3. Internet activities – There are many apps for internet. Many third-party browsers. Smartphones have 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity for fastest internet experience. Most of the people use smartphones for internet.

4. Messaging – Smartphones give best messaging experience. User can send / receive messages. There are many apps on app store for messaging like whatsapp, wechat, line etc. Thus, user can send and receive mails through mail apps like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

Today’s Best and amazing Smartphones are listed below

1. iPhone 5S
2. Samsung galaxy S5
3. HTC One M8
4. Micromax Canvas series

And many more, These smartphones are very popular in the world. When the new version of smartphone is released, the capabilities of smartphones in the huge market increases. Thus, the technology of smartphones is changing day by day. There are many reasons that make smartphone smart. Many People are now addicted toward smartphones.

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