Paradigm’s Monitor Series of loudspeakers have always met with hearty approval from the audio community. They somehow always manage to merge attractive cabinets, excellent engineering, quality parts and accessible pricing into one good sounding series of speakers. But there was always something missing for them. It was a matching subwoofer to complement their incredible rage of speakers.

Paradigm Monitor SUB 8 Subwoofer Release Date

Finally the company revealed it has created subwoofers to complement its Monitor series speakers. The Monitor SUB 8, 10 and 12 all share the smoother look of the latest Monitor speaker series and, according to Paradigm, share their performance and value characteristics as well.

Paradigm Monitor SUB 8 Subwoofer Features

There are several features that have trickled down to the Monitor subwoofer line from Paradigm’s Signature and Studio series subs. The subs are all outfitted with what Paradigm calls an “Ultra-Class D” amplifier rated to produce 300 watts RMS/900 watts peak. This allows the SUB 8 to reach subaqueous levels of 19Hz according to Paradigm. The amps are also compatible with Paradigm’s optional wireless transmitter and super-handy “Perfect Bass Kit” equalization system.

Paradigm Monitor SUB 8 Subwoofer Specifications

Measuring at the dimensions of 27.2cm * 26.2cm * 28.3cm and weighing around 18.2kg each, the SUB 8’s designing includes single driver, built-in-advanced Ultra amplifier, acoustic suspension, USB port for PBK equalization and a removable grille. The amplifier provides an output of 300 watt RMS sustained while its low frequency extension is said to be around 19 Hz. The Bass Driver consists of 2 10-mm (8in) carbon-loaded polypropylene cone, NLC non-limiting corrugated Saltoprene® surround, 38-mm (1-1/2in) 4-layer copper-clad aluminium voice coil. Nomex spider, 4.5lb ferrite magnet, and AVS™ die-cast heat sink chassis. The sub-woofer contains a Bypass option with a variable cut-off frequency of 50 Hz – 150 Hz.

Paradigm Monitor SUB 8 Subwoofer Performance

The features of the SUB 8 include a compact footprint without compromising the bass output or the bass extension. They should be without any sacrifice in performance. A part of Paradigm’s success in this field is there commitment to high-quality materials, proprietary design and a process known as Finite Element Analysis (FEA). FEA allows them to monitor magnetic flux, evaluate heat dissipation and perform stress analyses on both the component parts and the enclosure. It also helps in analyzing the movement of the cone. The ability to experiment is what has allowed Paradigm to achieve such an incredible performance from a form factor as small as that of the tiny Monitor SUB 8.

Paradigm Monitor SUB 8 Subwoofer Design

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in their state-of-the-art Toronto facility, the Monitor Series 7 subwoofers are the perfect complement to the newly launched Monitor Series 7 line of loudspeakers. The sub is available in Black Ash to match the Monitor Series loudspeakers and estimated US FMV pricing for the series is at $699.The PT-2 wireless transmitter and Perfect Bass Kit (PBK) are optional accessories and have a US FMV of $149 and $99 respectively. The Sub 8 will turn out to be a very value of money but if you have some spare dollars in your pocket, do not hesitate to also go or the Sub 10 or 12.

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