Some people say that WordPress is used only for blogs but that’s not right. The main reason behind this argument is that we don’t know all the functionalities of WordPress CMS so that we only uses 8 to 10 % of its features while there are a lot of features in WordPress CMS by which you can create or develop any kind of website with a lot of complexity and functionalities in it.

WordPress is one of the finest CMS by which you can design or create a website. It is based on themes, plug-ins, widgets, etc. You can easily change the whole design of your website at any time with the help of theme changing functionality in it. For optimization of website, you can use inbuilt plug-ins in it. Even you can also customize your website with the help of these plug-ins and widgets.

WordPress Tutorial for Newbies : – When you go through WordPress CMS for website development, you might have faced some problems if you are new to this field. So, here we give WordPress guide for beginners, which surely helps you to aware about this WordPress CMS. These WordPress guides for newbies are following:-

Register Domain and Web Hosting : – FIrstly, you have to register your website domain name like (depends on availability of a domain name) and then you will get web hosting for configuring that domain name or you can also host your website free at WordPress. You just check it only that your server must be supported PHP and MySQL.

Download WordPress CMS: – To create your website with WordPress, you have to download and install WordPress on your domain name. Remember that you should download the latest version of WordPress so that you will get all the latest updates and functionalities of this software. You can easily download WordPress by Download WordPress.
Update Database Info.

Update Database Info: – After downloading the WordPress files, you have to unzip all the files. Then open the folder of WordPress files and change the name of the config-sample.php file to WP-config. PHP and then open this file. Now you have to fill database details and then login to cpanel for looking MySQL section in it. Then create new database and save this database. Complete all the details in wp-config.php file and then save it.

Files Uploading to Server: – Now the next task is to upload all the files to your server so that you can make changes in your website online on your server. Uploading WordPress files can take place with the help of FTP account created by you. For FTP account, you have to download Filezilla in your computer system and then install it. Then create an FTP username, password and host name by which you can login into your by putting these details and then connect it to the server. You can easily upload files to the server as it is just like copying files.

WordPress Installation: – After successful upload all the files to your server, you have to install WordPress by simply click on the install button on it. You can install WordPress by simply typing the URL . After installation is complete, you can login by entering the URL in your browser.

Update Themes: – Now you have to choose the layout or design of your website by installing and activating the desired theme you want. There are so many themes in your WordPress, you can choose any theme from your choice. Don’t forget to activate the theme.

Update General Settings: – For setting the title and subtitle of your website and many other settings like color of the website, slider of the website, etc. You have to update the general settings of website which comes under the General tab followed by Appearance tab.

These are the main WordPress guides for newbies. After reading this, you will not face any problem regarding the use of WordPress CMS.

Reasons to Choose WordPress: – Here we give you the main reasons to choose WordPress over other Content Management Systems (CMS) and other web designing languages & softwares.

1. With the help of WordPress CMS you can create your website in no time.
2. It is very cheap method to create a website as this software is easily available online and free of cost.
3. It is a user friendly content management system. Anyone can create his/her own website with the help of this CMS.
4. It is the most SEO friendly CMS.
5. There are a lot of themes and plug-ins in it by which you can change the design of the website according to your choice.

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