In the past few months, we heard a lot about Apple’s new iWatch but nobody knows that it has been just a rumor or not. But now we all know that this was not just a rumor as Apple will be on its way of launching this wonderful gadget iWatch very soon. This iWatch is not just simply a watch which shows time. It is actually handheld computer system which has a lot of features to make this iWatch a special watch.

There were a lot of developers and designers working on this iWatch device to complete this gadget as soon as possible. Nobody knows that how much benefit this device for the users. This secret will be revealed after the launch of this device in the market. It is expected that this would be the small iPhone like device on our wrist which is full of functionality.

Recently Apple has made an application and signed the documents of a wrist worn watch made in Japan on 3rd June and got the patent for this wrist worn gadget. Japan is not the first country to deal with Apple. Apple has also filed a patent which was similar to this deal with Russia last year.

Market Competitors: – In the past few months, there is a huge competition between various big companies to launch new smartwatch in the markets. As Sony has launched their product named SmartWatch 2 few months back increases this competition. Apple users are not happy due to less response from Apple in this category of Smartwatches. It is also expected that Apple will launch another version of iPad, iPod, iPad Mini and the iWatch very soon. So it is good news for all the users of Apple as iWatch and some more gadgets will be launched by Apple.

Competition with other Gadgets: – Various types of gadgets are launching day by day, which also compete this iWatch. Some of these gadgets are Pebble Watch, Sony Smartwatch2, etc. Many companies are launching their new products to market in no time. So it’s a major task for Apple to compete their products with these products. It is also expected that iWatch is totally different from the Nano iPod device of Apple.

Wait makes Apple Best: – The creativity and innovations in Apple Products make Apple at the top of the list in the field of making technical devices or gadgets. One of the main reasons of taking so much time in launching their products is that Apple is strictly designing their products with unique features and fully functioned, which are totally different from other company’s gadgets or devices. This time also Apple would launch their iWatch with supreme features on it.

This iWatch is the combination of Elegant and Slick design with additional computing functionalities like a smartphone. It is expected that this iWatch is made up of curved glasses and there is also a possibility that this wristwatch would run on Apple iOS (Operating System).

Yet the device specifications, pricing, designs are not revealed by the Apple, so you will wait till the next update of Apple. We will surely update our blog with latest updates by Apple. So, stay connected with us.

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