Big players in the android phone market are working hard to keep pace with the growing demands in the industry. They have to also face the heat of the competition. So there is no time for them to sit back and relax. They are always on the role and have been launching new models in the market at an increasingly fast pace. While some companies are able to keep the quality and feature check in place along with the pace, some of the companies are almost on the verge of losing their market share. There are so many small players with cheaper versions available in the market, that it has become difficult to attract and retain customers. Yet some companies are making successful attempts by launch better and exhilarating models in the market. One such model is the Droid DNA by HTC.

The model was launched at a perfect time when HTC was struggling hard to get back its share of market in the US android phone market. The phone has a splendid size of 5.6*2.7 inches. It is one device that will make people envious of the owners. The phone looks just gorgeous. The device’s beauty is in its slimness. It is just 0.38 inches thick even at the thickest point. The sleek design makes it look perfect in almost anybody’s hands. It has a 5inches TFT capacitive display and is better in screen size than any of its previous versions or major competitors. With a solid black body. It looks monolithic but elegant. The edges are kept rounded and not square, to give it a more stylish look. There are no physical buttons on the phone but the phone has three touch sensitive buttons on the lower side of the front looks brilliant and gives a very sci-fi look and feel. The black matte finish looks stunning and the red lines just accentuate the beauty of the phone. There is a Verizon look at the top.

The phone is a haven for the music lovers. The phone is powered by Beats audio and has an amazing sound quality both on the headphones and the loudspeaker. The headphones have brilliant quality and the loudspeaker is loud enough. The sound quality will leave you awestruck. The phone has a rubbery touch and feel and is very convenient to hold. Even the size and shape is awesome and comfortable for holding in hands. The web browsing is flawlessly speedy. Browsing is a comfortable experience and you will love browsing on this phone in your palms rather than switching on your laptop. It has a 8MP primary camera at the back with LED flash. The camera quality is platinum class and you will fall in love with the pictures. It also has features like image stabilization and smile detection.

Overall, you will fall in love with the phone when you use it. This phone is a key to the future of the company in the coming years.

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