The world has grown so much that the tablets and gadgets have become a plaything for everybody now. There were days when one has to go to telephone booths just to make a small call or the local call for few minutes. There were type writers to type the accounts and save the records. One had to walk through so much, work hard so much just to make sure that their things are saved properly and the records are maintained. Even for the notes which had to be written in classes, there were papers and pages that one had to store and save, and maintain them till the exams end or even till the academic year ends. But now nothing is same. They say nothing remains forever. And just like the saying nothing is as before .neither the people or their thoughts or the equipments, gadgets, tools, things which are used.

ICE Xtreme class pad is one of the finest inventions by the gadget freaks for the frenzy gadget freaks. It’s an android v4.0 (ice cream sandwich) OS. The screen is very wide with 7 inches capacitive touch screen with 800*480 pixels resolution, 5 point, and multi touch. The CPU processor is 1GHZ ARM Cortex A-8 processor. The RAM is 512 MB DDR3. It does not support any SIM. Rear and front cameras with VGA facility are available for taking the snapshots and storing them in the album files. The camera features includes video recording and digital zoom. Its internal storage memory is about 4 GB and the expandable memory is about 32 GB and also the micro SD card slots are available.
The networks and the connectivity can be done through Wi-Fi and dongle with 3G facility is also available for the internet connection and online facilities. It also has USB. MP3, MP4 are also available for the audio and videos. There are pre installed soft ware’s available in the tablets which are inbuilt. HTML viewer, document viewers are also available in this tab. It has all the features that any tab should hold for its friendly usage. The tablet is very unique, sleek and stylish. It is very reasonable too. The price may be compared with other tabs. It costs around just Rs.4999.

ICE Xtreme classpad is one of the best choices that one can have for buying the tablets and the like gadgets. The features of this tab are very good irrespective of the cost price. And even when they are compared with the cost prices too they are very reasonable and worth full. It is always better to select the tabs after a thorough research on the various tabs that are available in the market. The tabs are in wide ranges but to select the appropriate one according to one’s usage is very important. One can always browse through the internet and also can get the review and feed backs from families’ friends and relatives before buying the tabs.

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