ASUS has done a wonderful job by compiling together a decent enough PC for everyone’s home usage. The new X551CA-SX021D is a part of ASUS X series. It is a Celeron Dual Core (3rd Gen) variant 1007U 1.5 GHz Gen processor. It contains the Intel chipset Mobile HM70 Express with the clock speed of 1.5 GHz ad cache of 2 MB. The CPU is “U” variant and has lower power consumption so it is slightly slower than the regular “M” versions.

ASUS X551CA-SX021D Storage Capacity

It comes with 2 GB DDR3 RAM which would be good enough for moderate browsing. Also it has a storage capacity of 500 GB SATA powered Hardware interface with a RPM of 5400.

ASUS X551CA-SX021D Graphics, Processor

Also the graphics processor is Intel HD Graphics 4000. The laptop is total Plastic with good finishing. It only has 2 indication lights – power and charging. No lights are present to indicate caps lock, number pad or DVD-ROM. The laptop comes initially with Free DOS. Also, it has no support for 32bit windows. Laptop weighs pretty light considering it has built in DVD-ROM. The charger is in one piece. The battery is of 4 cells while giving a charge of 2-3 hours, which is to say the least, decent enough.

ASUS X551CA-SX021D Specifications

The ASUS comes with the dimensions of 380 x 251 x 30.9 mm and weighing around 2.15 KG. It is not generously endowed with ports. Altogether there is 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0, an audio socket, a gigabit Ethernet port and micro HDMI and VGA ports. There is also a SD Multi-media Card Reader slot. The keyboard is of high quality and stylish. It is a Chiclet Keyboard with numeric keypad. Also there is a HD webcam but I personally feel only the photos and brightness are adjusted in such a way to make it look better than what it actually is.

ASUS X551CA-SX021D Pros

  • Affordable Notebook/Laptop for anyone on shoe string budget
  • Brushed aluminium finish around the keyboard gives premium look & feel.
  • Large screen real estate at this price point.
  • Green & eco friendly. Low power consumption hardware
  • Nifty charger that is compact in dimension.

ASUS X551CA-SX021D Cons

  • The hardware supports only Windows 8 & 8.1 64bit.
  • The plastic around and over the screen is flimsy and fragile, feels like it may cave in with a little pressure applied.
  • The track pad is flimsy and crappy. It is a bit daunting to use the track pad. One may struggle with the “right click” & “select click” on the track pad.
  • The DVD drive makes awful lot of noise.
  • Not enough LED indicators for CAPs, NUM LOCK, etc.

ASUS X551CA-SX021D Price

With a price tag of around 23,000, The Laptop is a good choice for people who are buying their first laptop. It is cheaper to the pocket and easy to use. But for hardcore users, who want to upgrade from their previous one, it is a big no from my side. In short, it is a must buy gadget for everyone.

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