A new feature has been introduced by the mobile messaging service WhatsApp through which the users can access it with a web browser as well. WhatsApp, the mobile messaging service can now be accessed through a web server. Recently, this messaging service was taken over by Facebook, the social media giant.


In one of the blog posts by the service provider, it was mentioned that millions would be able to make use of WhatsApp through a web browser. All the messages and conversations will be mirrored by the web client from the mobile devices.

How to access WhatsApp in a web browser?

WhatsApp can be connected by accessing the following link through a Google Chrome browser:  https://web.whatsapp.com 

For this, the app in your phone needs to be updated. From the menu, WhatsApp Web needs to be chosen. A QR code will be made available and it needs to be scanned to start using the messaging service from the web. This will pair the app with the web client. However, the phone needs to be connected to the internet to be used. The service can currently be availed from Windows, Blackberry and Android devices.